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"The Bali of Nueva Ecija"

Camp Paraiso Hotel & Resort is a unique eco-stay located about 2.9 kilometers from the town of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. Its 3 man-made infinity pools are filled with natural cold waters flowing from the mountains of Aurora. The property offers activities like trekking, swimming, camping, glamping, picnic,  yoga, stargazing, forest bathing, waterfalls chasing, river trekking and bonfire activities. If you are one for thrills, you can hike the virgin forest of Mt. Labi. Besides the Bali like features of the resort, one cannot go wrong with its delicious and very affordable foods like our signature sisigs, boodle fights, samgyeoup nights to name a few.

Since opening its doors, Camp Paraiso receives a warm welcome from locals and tourists as the "Bali of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija." It empowers indigenous people with livelihood to reduce poverty. Its presence increases the influx of tourists coming to the province, which tremendously lessens logging and encourages the development of more local businesses.

Camp Paraiso lets you experience serenity away from the city's noise. We welcome travelers, nature lovers, spiritual seekers, trekkers, backpackers, artists and musicians to share our natural paradise  with us.

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